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Your personal credit report in seconds


Easy Credit Report Data Entry

With CREDITbase, you have one simple inquiry form, not confusing overlapping windows.
Credit Report Data Entry

We do everything to make data entry quick and easy. We even capitalize proper names and street names for you so you don't have to take your fingers off the home keys of your keyboard.

And CREDITbase skips the fields that don't apply, for example spouse data on an individual inquiry.

With CREDITbase, you can retrieve credit reports and print them at the same time you are inputting new inquiries.

Previous Home Next Credit Report software for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union or all three!

MERit Systems, Inc.

If you are a financial institution or business, click here to return to the top, then use the arrows ( and ) to tour our site. CREDITbase is designed for you!

Notice to consumers: Click here for links to credit information resources designed for individual consumers.

CREDITbase provides easy access to consumer credit information for authorized Equifax, Experian (formerly a part of TRW), and Trans Union subscribers. You can use CREDITbase to obtain an up-to-date credit report on loan applicants, prospective employees or tenants, or for any valid reason, as defined in your bureau's usage guide and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

CREDITbase lets you fill-in a simple inquiry form to identify the consumer. It then uses your modem to call the host computer of one or more bureaus, submit the inquiry and obtain the reports.

You may view and print the familiar text-only credit report (we call this a TTY report) or you may use CREDITbase's unique reporting capabilities. CREDITbase breaks the complex credit data into easily-understood sections and presents those sections as separate QuickScan reports. If you are familiar with the reports generated by other credit bureaus, you may use CREDITbase's unique AnyBureau technology to view the returned information as an Equifax style or Experian style or Trans Union style report.

CREDITbase's security procedures are compliant with the ACB (Associated Credit Bureaus) Security and Fraud Prevention guidlines. Among other things, this means that all of the consumer credit information CREDITbase retains in its local database is encrypted to avoid letting unauthorized persons view it.

CREDITbase supports access to all three of the major credit repositories (bureaus), and you can access multiple subscriptions for each bureau and you may have multiple users. This support includes a way to define operators and supervisors.