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MERit Systems, working with Equifax, first vendor to implement Equifax Decision Power™.

Automated decision process incorporated in CREDITbase™ for Equifax

Point-of-Sale decision support for approving new demand deposit accounts and cross-selling additional services. Equifax Decision Power delivers consistent, easy-to-understand action messages to sales representatives for approving new accounts and offering additional services to qualified customers. Drawing on the nation's largest credit reporting database, Equifax Decision Power combines advanced risk modeling techniques and either your own risk-assessment criteria or your choice of Equifax's multi-level risk assessment criteria. Making it easy to expand market share. Improve Profitability. Develop long-term customer relationships and reduce attrition.

On-line, proactive cross-selling plus centralized control of your credit policy

Equifax Decision Power:

  • Automatically returns objective action messages, helping provide centralized credit policy control and supporting compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Allows sales representatives at all locations to make immediate, sound cross-selling decisions
  • Reduces charge-off risk by combining credit scoring with access to historic bad-check information to qualify demand deposit applicants
  • Delivers proven fraud protection through SAFESCAN an Equifax system that alerts you to known and potentially fraudulent information elements
  • Eliminates the expense of processing non-creditworthy applications
  • A cost-effective solution for increasing profitability and expanding customer relationships

Equifax Decision Power is part of a growing family of innovative products and services that comprise the Equifax Total Solution your strategic master plan for growth and control. Contact an Equifax representative today.

MERit Systems, is a software company specializing in consulting to companies who need quick and effective access to credit information. MERit is a subsidiary of , Tradewind Software, founded in 1983 and is well-known as a leading provider of communications consulting services and modem software. Tradewind has shipped over 12 million copies of its popular COMit communications software, noted for easy setup and automatic detection and configuration of the modem.

CREDITbase with Decision Power may be requested directly from Equifax.

CREDITbase Home Page