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Experian CU Decision Expert

Important news for customers of Experian

MERit Systems implements CU Decision Expert for Experian.

CU Decision Expert is a CreditBureau based system that allows credit unions to easily implement automated decisioning into their credit granting process. It provides customers with an automated credit line recommendation based on customer specific credit policy and underwriting rules.


CU Decision Expert allows credit unions to make objective, explicit credit decisions using the following decision tools:

  • Fast Start The leading risk scorecard developed specifically for the credit union industry, with an existing client base of more than 100 credit unions.
  • Experian National Risk Model and Experian/FICO Risk Model Leading nationwide risk models.
  • Policy Rules A complete set of 44 judgmental policies customized by the credit union.
  • Credit Limit/Loan Assignment The ability to automatically assign a recommended credit limit or loan amount based upon criteria selectable by the credit union.

CU Decision Expert includes the following benefits:

  • Significant time and cost savings, both of which can also increase competitiveness.
  • Consistent and accurate decisions
  • Decisions can be customized to meet the credit union's specific needs
  • Provides the software supplier with a sophisticated decision engine with a minimal amount of programming effort.
  • Performs all bureau data interpretation necessary for scoring, including maintenance of the necessary code changes.
  • Calculates and supplies policy rules set by the credit union.
  • Calculates and supplies recommended limit/loan amount as defined by the credit union.
  • Utilizes multiple scorecards quickly and easily.
  • Is Year 2000 compliant
Certified Software Vendors

CREDITbase, with CU Decision Expert is a Windows program published by MERit Systems that has been certified by Experian for use by their Credit Union customers.

CREDITbase is unique in its ability to generate as many as seven additional easy to read report types from a single in-file report. It also is able to display a report received from one bureau in the style of any other bureau, eliminating the need to learn three different format types.

MERit has been at the forefront in development and implementation of the many new products and programs offered by Experian, such as, Credit Trends, Flood Hazard Certification, Vehicle Information, automated Yes/No Systems using any Risk Model, Experian System Version 7, and both ARF and TTY protocols.

MERit is a subsidiary of Tradewind Software founded in 1984. MERit provides Credit Retrieval software and consulting for custom projects.

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