Experian Dial-up Network is Retiring.
Experian’s Modems Won’t Be Answering the Phone Soon,
but CREDITbase III software gives you a better way to connect to Experian!
Lightning-quick credit report access now available using Experian’s Net Connect™.

Note: For custom, OEM, and high-volume enterprise-level
 Experian NetConnect solutions please visit http://creditengine.net.

CREDITbase III uses your Internet connection (DSL, Cable, Dialup, or T1) to access Experian, without opening a web browser!

CREDITbase III is a true 32-bit program that runs right on your Windows® desktop. No website traffic jams, no websurfing distractions.

It’s efficient. Multi-bureau users need to only enter the request just once to get both (or all three) reports. No browsing multiple websites. No training/retraining users different procedures for each bureau!

It’s easy. Enter name, SSN, and address. Click Send.

The credit report appears in an instant, prints automatically, and remains available in your local database until you choose to delete it.

Look how CREDITbase III is better!






Displays and prints credit reports individually or in batches.

Works the way you do!


No added transaction fees. No third party!

Save money on each report!

Meets security guidelines. Safe, encrypted storage. You control who can pull credit, and from where.

Peace of mind!


Toll free support on stand-alone editions.

Just pick up the phone for help!

Warns if you already have a report on file.

Never pay twice for the same report!


Auto print, auto archive, and customizable input templates.

Fewer steps. Less training.

Customizable data import and export capabilities.

Finish sooner each day!


Includes dial-up capabilities (while available.)

Get started immediately!


MERit Systems, Inc.