irst American CREDCO introduces EXPRESS PCR™ - the fast, dependable solution when you can’t wait weeks for portfolio batch credit scoring. EXPRESS PCR makes it simple to quickly evaluate a portfolio in terms of credit scores. Loan portfolio managers, underwriters and senior managers will appreciate how EXPRESS PCR helps meet corporate growth and return goals, manage portfolio delinquency, and forecast portfolio profitability. Also, before you sell a loan portfolio EXPRESS PCR can help you to determine a favorable price, or to meet a specific buyer's criteria.

Fast Batch Scoring
With EXPRESS PCR, First American customers get fast batch scoring for any size loan portfolio. Your file will be processed and have scores appended in days instead of the weeks you usually have to wait with a credit repository. Smaller portfolios can get the same attention as high-volume users.

Internally, EXPRESS PCR will provide a portfolio review tool to facilitate assessing risk-based lending programs, adjust underwriting or servicing criteria or analyze changes in scoring model performance. A summary of the overall results provides an immediate overview for management.

FICO or Bankruptcy Credit Score
You choose either FICO or bankruptcy scores. First American CREDCO chooses the best bureau that can provide the fastest turnaround time. Scores will be appended to your file and returned with an overall summary of the portfolio scoring results, so that you can quickly evaluate the portfolio as a whole.

When you use EXPRESS PCR for portfolios of less than 10,000 records, you'll have the information you need within 48 hours. Larger portfolios will be returned within 72 hours

Ordering Is Easy
It's easy to order an EXPRESS PCR Portfolio Credit Review. Simply send us the name, address, and Social Security Number for each borrower in your portfolio Contact your First American sales associate for the technical file layout specifications. For an additional fee, we can also convert your file into our standard format.

Input Requirements

· Name, address, and SSN for each borrower record
· PCR Standard Format
· ASClI file, either Fixed Width or Delimited
· 3.5" diskette, CD., tape, JAZ disk, or electronic file via e-mail

Score Distribution Report
EXPRESS PCR Portfolio Credit Review comes with a Score Distribution Report for FICO or Bankruptcy scores. Use the Score Distribution Report to get an overview of the relative risk and value of the portfolio. The report provides a visual representation of the distribution of scores, as well as statistics on the total scores delivered, and the average score of the portfolio. The Score Distribution Report can also give you insight into the direction to take for more in-depth analysis of the EXPRESS PCR output file.



Score Distribution Report

  • At-a-glance summary of the portfolio contents

  • Easy to read and analyze

  • Great tool for selling a portfolio

  • Makes regular review of current portfolio performance quick and easy




Express PCR*

Client-chosen Repository Option

Choose a single FICO** or Bankruptcy***
 credit risk score.

Only proprietary FICO, Auto FICO, or
Bankruptcy score

Fast turnaround
Less than 72 hours

Turnaround time 3 to 6 weeks

< 1,000 records in less than 48 hours

Any file size

> 1,000 records in less than 72 hours

First American CREDCO chooses the best bureau for fastest turnaround time
**  Developed by Fair, Isaac (trade names: BEACON, FICO, EMPIRICA)
***  Developed by MDS/Experian (trade names: EDAS, Experian Bankruptcy Model, New Delphi)

Put EXPRESS PCR to work the next time you need a quick, accurate risk assessment. 


XML Credit Engine for Developers
Custom Credit Report and Credit Scoring Tools for Software Developers and Enterprises utilizing the MERit Credit Engine.

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