CREDITbase Network/LAN/WAN Advantage
If you need a true mission critical LAN/WAN solution for your credit retrieval solution only CREDITbase can provide it.


MERit’s CREDITbase Network Version employs true Client/Server SQL for all data storage and data access using Sybase SQL Anywhere, an “industrial-strength,” fully-scalable, multi-platform, Y2K compliant relational DBMS.  This is a serious commercial DBMS meant to be used in mission-critical applications.  Most credit software programs use a DBMS designed for local access only, with no particular security.

Multi-Platform:  CREDITbase, the database Client, runs on Win 3x, Win 9x, and Window NT computers. The Sybase DBMS supports access from all of these clients. The Sybase database Server can run on Win3x, Win9x, NT 3.5+, OS/2 2.0+, LAN Server, LAN Manager, or any Intel-based computer running Novell NetWare 3.11 or later.

Multi-Protocol: The client/server connection can be run over NetBIOS, TCP/IP, and Novell NetWare IPX.   This provides enormous flexibility.  It basically eliminates any “special” network setup to make CREDITbase Network Version work on your existing network.  It also means that it will work equally well on a sever-based (NT) LAN, a peer-based (Workgroups) LAN, a WAN, or even a VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the Internet.  For instance, the database server can be running on a computer on your home office in Tulsa, while workstations in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas access the centrally-located data — using your existing WAN running over leased lines or a VPN.

Runs as NT Service: The Sybase SQL Server runs as a Service on the NT Server.  This means that it starts automatically when NT starts up and runs as a protected process at the System security level. It can be started, paused, stopped and restarted from a central location (no running around to be sure nobody is connected). This tends to prevent critical errors. For instance, in a competing credit program,“compressing the database” can be disastrous if more than one user happens to be using the software when the compression starts.

Transaction Processing, Referential Integrity, and Rollback: Sybase SQL server supports true Transaction Processing. This means that a partially-completed transaction does not leave bits-and-pieces of itself around the system to cause problems. For instance, if NT Server loses power while processing incoming credit data, the database automatically rolls back to the start of the transaction. This also prevents problems that could otherwise occur if multiple users were to simultaneously delete, view, and update a record.  

No Drive Mapping: If a credit software program requires that you map a drive letter in order to run on the network, you can be pretty sure that it is actually a legacy system designed as a single-user, local-system-only product. CREDITbase does NOT require any network drive mapping; its data transport is at the network protocol level. All access to the database is via the industry-standard ODBC connectivity layer.

Beyond ACB-compliant Security: The entire CREDITbase database is encrypted.You must login to CREDITbase with a Supervisor UserID and Password in order to see and modify bureau codes. This means that all of your bureau codes are completely inaccessible to outsiders. Furthermore, the reports and raw data are fully encrypted. It is impossible for an unauthorized user to even view consumer credit data. On most systems, bureau data is saved on the local computer in simple, text files. An unscrupulous intruder can open a file in Notepad, change data (e.g., remove a bankruptcy and improve the Model Score), print the report and pass it off as an actual report.

Technological Advantages: CREDITbase’s network superiority is just one of its many technological advantages. It is the only system that actually uses the database to real advantage in order to create specialized, custom reports in many different formats — its AnyBureau and Snap-In Report capabilities are examples. It provides built-in capability to access sophisticated credit products such as the Equifax Desktop Credit Analyst and Experian Custom Strategist (other products require a separate program).Interfaces to popular Mortgage Loan Management packages are supported. CREDITbase has proven itself to be nearly maintenance free, requiring virtually no technical support. Its modem auto-detection, and setup wizard make it a snap to install and use.

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