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CREDITbase™ adds credit report retrieval for Genesis 2000 mortgage management software

TRI-Bureau Version 1.2 Automates Access to Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union for Users of Genesis 2000 for Windows

Glendora, July 16, 1998: CREDITbase, MERit Systems’ credit information access program, now exports score model values and tradeline data. This makes it possible for users of mortgage loan origination software, such as Genesis 2000 for Windows, to automatically populate the “liabilities” portions of the mortgage application form and to extract score model information, such as Experian’s Fair, Isaac Model, Trans Union’s Emperica, or Equifax’s BEACON score for instant inspection. For high volume users and custom developers needing tri-merged mortgage credit reports and support for the Mortgage Bankers Association MISMO XML standard, MERit Systems also offers the MERit Credit Engine.

CREDITbase, a Windows-based program, is unique in its ability to use the System-to-System protocol when it accesses the credit bureau’s data. The consumer credit information is stored in a relational database where it can be used to generate specialty reports. For instance, CREDITbase's AnyBureau technology lets it format data from any of the credit bureaus into reports in the style of any other credit bureau. A separate Import/Export Utility draws information from that database and formats it into a comma-delimited text file, ready for import into programs which can use the data.

Credit grantors will find that the ability to import liabilities into the application eliminates one of the most tedious and error-prone steps of the loan process. The latest version of the Import/Export Utility is able to handle joint credit inquiries, and can remove duplicate accounts from the spouse's data.

The Import/Export Utility is available free of charge for owners of CREDITbase TRI-Bureau version 1.20 or later who also own Genesis 2000 for Windows. Contact the MERit Systems sales office at 626.963.8313 or send email here.

Genesis 2000, Inc. can be reached at (800) 882-0504  or email to

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