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Design a custom automatic credit approval system using any of the credit scoring models (automotive, retail, utilities, mortgage, installment, etc.) from any of the credit bureaus. (Experian, Equifax, Trans Union.) The response can be as simple as "APPROVE", "DECLINE", "NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION", or as complex as you want.

After entering the required information (normally Name, SS# and address) the bureau is automatically dialed, and the decision appears as a big red message on the operator's screen. Detailed information, including the full credit report, is available for further review, if necessary.

The illustration shows three decisions that might have been customized for a particular application:

  • Public Record Received - Supervisor Review Required
  • No Deposit - Offer Premium Package
  • Require Deposit $200

Note: The Merit Credit Engine is available for developers needing a credit report toolkit for enterprise-level or web application credit decisioning. It provides retrieval and complete SQL access to all information in each credit report.


You control the response to Model Scores and information as to what to do if there is a fraud, public record, or incomplete score results. Now you don't have to rely on someone else to determine what your business decisions should look like. With QuikDecision, employees know exactly what to require (deposits, credit limits, etc.) and/or what to offer (additional products or services for which the applicant may qualify) according to the decision criteria you create.

XML Credit Engine for Developers

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