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. Credit Reports from Experian

Important announcement for all Experian dialup customers!

Credit Reports from Experian, formerly a part of TRW, are easy to retrieve with the Experian version of CREDITbase. CREDITbase supports and is certified to access all of the latest Experian products. Looking for a way to integrate Experian CreditReports into your VPN, ASP delivery system, Human Resource Department, or even online credit account approvals? The MERit Credit Engine (MCE) can retrieve thousands of reports per hour. MCE offers merged reports for all three credit bureaus, XML reports in the MISMO, and HR XML open standard. Get the credit reports by the Internet, data circuit or dial-up. The MCE Experian Credit Report Tools may be what you are looking for.

CREDITbase and the Credit Engine are the only software products that supports some of these products!

  • Address Update
  • Bullseye
  • Collection Report
  • Connect Check
  • Credit Profile (ARF)
  • Credit Profile (TTY)
  • Joint Credit Reports
  • Decode
  • Employment Insight
  • ID Profile
  • Instant Update
  • Social Search
  • FACS+
  • Profile Summary
  • Demographics
National Fraud Database  Includes send,  receive, and FTP upload.

Certified access to Experian Business Credit Reports, including International. CREDITbase makes it easy to use Experian's BIS system.

IEV (Income and Employment Verification)
Verifies a loan applicant’s employment status
and income level — Essential elements for mortgage
lenders and useful in employment screening. 

Cross View  Evaluates potential customers with little or no credit history. Cross view  includes bounced checks, account openings and closures, and other debit-related items, with a risk model score for automated decisions. 

Access Point. This provides access to EDA (the national ‘411’ database) for enhanced fraud protection and it includes additional consumer data to help in thin-file evaluations.

Custom Strategist, CU Decision Expert.
  These reports include a decision such as Accept or Decline and a recommended “Qualifying Amount.” The scoring and decisioning can be highly accurate since additional information (i.e., current income) is taken into consideration. Can be set up to display ‘Decision Report’ immediately upon receipt from the bureau data so that even an untrained operator can use this product. 

Latest Risk Model Scores. CREDITbase supports FICO and all 34 Experian Risk Models and can export score values and factor codes for automated decisioning and mail merge. 

All the new add-on products including Fraud Shield, Credit Trends, Direct Check.

Where requirements dictate, The MERit Credit Engine, certified by Experian, can pull 9,000 reports per hour, uses TCP/IP, Lease line, TAPI, Dial-up or any combination. Custom interface to other business systems.  Can generate merged three-bureau reports.


Previous Home Next Credit Report software for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union or all three!

MERit Systems, Inc.



CU Decision Expert
Toni McAllister
Marketing manager E-mail


Lewis Rosenfelder
Media/market relations
Merit Systems
626 963-8313 Telephone E-mail


Experian authorizes MERit as first certified software vendor of CU Decision Expert, a leader in the credit information industry to implement new credit union risk management tool

Orange, Calif., 19 December 1998 -- Experian has announced that its credit scoring product CU Decision Expert will be offered with MERit's CREDITbase a Windows based, credit processing system.

When CREDITbase and CU Decision Expert are combined, credit unions have the capability to use an automated approval loan decision process based on their own policy rules and risk models. These tools also give credit unions the ability to automatically calculate the maximum amount for loans and credit lines.

Experian's CU Decision Expert is a risk management tool developed exclusively for credit unions that automatically evaluates an applicant's credit history while applying specific credit union policy rules and criteria. The benefits of utilizing CU Decision Expert include:
  • Yields significant time and cost savings
  • Customizes decisions to meet the credit union's specific needs
  • Performs all bureau data interpretation necessary for scoring, including maintenance of necessary code changes
  • Calculates and supplies policy rules and recommended limit/loan amount as defined by the credit union
  • Requires minimal programming
  • Utilizes multiple scorecards
We are pleased that more credit unions will be able to access CU Decision Expert now that MERit Systems has come on board as an authorized vendor. "We look forward to helping MERit's customers improve their risk assessment capabilities through cost-effective automation."

Experian-a global information solutions company headquartered in Orange, Calif., and Nottingham, UK-is a leading supplier of consumer and business credit information, credit scoring and software solutions, and direct marketing services. Including recent acquisitions of Metromail Corp. (in April 1998) and Direct Marketing Technology, Inc. (in April 1997), Experian employs nearly 11,000 worldwide with 7,500 employees in the United States. Annual sales are about $1.5 billion. Experian is a subsidiary of the Great Universal Stores P.L.C., a UK-based holding company that includes home shopping, retail, property investment, finance and information services businesses. Visit Experian's Internet site at

MERit Systems, is a software company specializing in consulting to companies who need quick and effective access to credit information, a subsidiary of Tradewind Software, founded in 1983 and is well-known as a leading provider of  consulting services and the programs packaged with modems. Tradewind has shipped over 12 million copies of its popular COMit communications software, noted for easy setup and automatic detection and configuration of the modem. Visit MERit's Internet site at